Optimize clinical trials and independent studies

IPH assists pharma by providing access to de-identified patient data and leveraging machine learning to uncover valuable insights into patient performance

What we do

IPH's standardized data collection processes and diverse patient populations can optimize your clinical trials and medication evaluations

  • Support for decentralized clinical trials using our network of clinics across the country
  • Advanced patient selection opportunities through integrations with EMRs and health information networks
  • Longitudinally evaluate digital testing results to assess treatment pathways
  • Monitor clinical trial safety and risks in real time using our platform and secure data access points
  • Access in-depth comparative analysis of available treatments and therapies
  • Support for converting raw datasets into CDISC standards

With IPH, you can

Conduct decentralized clinical trials

From patient selection to drug delivery to reporting performance, IPH and its partners support you with the evaluation of new drugs and therapies.

Access performance data

IPH's longitudinal data capture helps to assess the efficacy of treatments and evaluate the impacts on overall patient health and risk factors.

Go-to-market optimization

IPH's data mining reveals insights that can assist in optimizing marketing strategies to increase accessibility of viable treatments to patients.

IPH's Value

Our platform equips clinicians with the tools they need to make informed decisions, take preventative actions, and drive breakthrough research, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.


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