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IPH revolutionizes healthcare with data mining and machine learning to improve patient care

Modernizing Healthcare

IPH is dedicated to driving the future of healthcare by delivering valuable insights across the continuum of care.

IPH's suite of digital tests offers a comprehensive snapshot of a patient's physical, social, and psychological health, seamlessly integrated in real time with our platform.

IPH securely integrates with your Electronic Health Records, allowing clinicians to access the latest patient data in a single, easy-to-use interface.

IPH removes silos in current data collection standards to create models that optimize patient care.
IPH's Value

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Obtain valuable insights to monitor patient risk, enhance clinical decision-making, and optimize therapy selection with objective assessments.

Gain access to data to conduct de-centralized clinical trials and independent studies in order to assess drug efficacy and conduct market research.

Access clinical data that informs disease trajectories, identifies opportunities for preemptive interventions, and mitigates patient risk.

Access new patient populations within the IPH network of clinicians and healthcare organizations and contribute to cutting edge research.

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