Optimize patient care costs with IPH's preventative care models

Leverage IPH's machine learning models to identify patient risk factors and improve care plans

What we do

IPH utilizes AI to provide payors with predictive analytics to improve efficiencies in patient coverage and claims.

  • Utilize IPH's platform to identify patients at a high risk for chronic conditions allowing for early intervention and support
  • Tailor personalized care plans for patients to improve health outcomes and satisfaction
  • Analyze insurance claims data to identify patterns of fraudulent or abusive billing practices, preventing unnecessary payouts
  • Identify areas where care delivery is suboptimal and target interventions to reduce hospitalizations

With IPH, you can

Access performance data

IPH gathers de-identified data on patient and organization performance to guide optimizations in workflow, decision-making, and identifying risk parameters to improve patient quality of care.

Identify trends in healthcare

With IPH's geographically and demographically diverse datasets, payors can identify trends in population health and clinical practices to best guide long-term strategies.

Optimize care programs

IPH can partner with payors to design custom value-based care programs that incentivize providers to deliver higher quality care at lower costs, using data to measure and track outcomes.

Enhance patient coverage and risk management

Our platform equips clinicians with the tools they need to make informed decisions, take preventative actions, and drive breakthrough research, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.






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