Access new customers and opportunities to improve patient care

Be included in IPH's suite of digital tests to enable cliniciains to access more objective and actionable data for their patients

What we do

IPH serves as the bridge between your product and the clinics. We help to increase your client base and assist with implementation and training of your product.

  • Access our network of clinics to implement your technology
  • Validate and test new technologies with our forward thinking clinicians and key opinion leaders
  • Involvement in research and studies across various patient populations
  • Utilize IPH Engine's bidirectional flows to pull relevant EHR data and push reports into patient charts
  • Exposure to large healthcare organizations and specialty markets

With IPH, you can

Increase your customer base

With access to IPH's network of clinics, establish connections with key opinion leaders, expand your market reach, and develop efficient clinical workflows and standards of practice.

Research Opportunities

IPH has established partnerships with health information networks, public health departments, and academic institutions across the country. Device vendors can participate in grant opportunities to remain at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

EHR Connectivity

Integration with EHRs enables automated transfer of digital device reports directly into patients' charts. Additionally, clinicians can access device information through IPH's clinical advisor platform, ensuring efficient communication and coordination of care.

Join our suite of devices and move healthcare forward.

Our platform equips clinicians with the tools they need to make informed decisions, take preventative actions, and drive breakthrough research, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.


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