We help clinicians optimize patient care

Spend less time analyzing charts, and more time interacting with your patients. IPH's machine learning algorithms help clinicians highlight crucial health issues, leading to higher quality care.

What we do

IPH's data analytics simplify the clinical decision-making process to help optimize patient care and ease clinician workload. Our platform syncs seamlessly with your EHR to get real-time data right in your patients' charts.

  • Collect longitudinal data points
  • Access digital testing data in your EHR
  • Track MIPS and other clinical performance metrics
  • Boost revenues using digital testing
  • Use our AI to help guide your decisions

With IPH you can

Help train our data algorithms

IPH's machine learning algorithms are trained using the data collected from your clinic to improve the accuracy of disease diagnosis, identify optimal treatments and predict major health events.

Participate in clinical trials

IPH provides opportunities for healthcare organizations of all types to participate in clinical trials, helping clinicians refer patients or enroll their own clinics as trial sites.

Utilize research study opportunities

Through IPH's partnerships with health information networks, public health departments, and academic institutions, clinicians can participate in research opportunities.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes

Our platform equips clinicians with the tools they need to make informed decisions, take preventative actions, and drive breakthrough research, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.




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