Delivering Invaluable Clinical Research Data
to Optimize the Continuum of Care

Enabling Enhanced, Data-Driven Decision-Making
for Quality Patient Care

IPH leverages a large, proprietary network of specialty healthcare providers to aggregate multi-domain, objective data that is GxP compliant – enabling enhanced, data-driven decision-making for pharmaceutical companies, payers, clinicians, and researchers.


Address your pipeline targets with meaningful, real-world data for comparative efficacy research to maximize the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle, from development through market maturation.


Access invaluable clinical data to inform disease trajectories, identify effective therapies, and target opportunities for preemptive intervention.


Gain unparalleled insight into the efficacy of therapies for your patients with objective digital assessments, population data, and machine learning algorithms available at your fingertips.


Leverage access to raw, de-identified, GxP-compliant data to inform research priorities, chart trajectories of disease, and pinpoint unmet patient needs.

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