Neurology Dataset

A Cloud-Based Data Analytics Solution for Contextualizing Proprietary,
Objective Performance Data

Provides Access to Proprietary Population Health Performance Data

Innovative Precision Health provides clinical research data for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and researchers looking to optimize patient care by identifying the trajectory of diseases, the most effective therapies, and opportunities for intervention.

Delivers Raw, De-Identified, GxP-Compliant Data

IPH leverages a large, proprietary network of specialty healthcare providers to aggregate multi-domain, objective data that is GxP compliant. IPH’s Neurology Dataset can deliver either raw, de-identified patient data for research or patient-specific data for care—enabling enhanced, data-driven decision-making for adaptive strategic planning.

Enables Comparative Efficacy Research

IPH’s cloud-based data analytics solution affords access to meaningful, real-world data for comparative efficacy research and supports advanced analytics for novel and existing therapies. From identifying unmet needs to understanding the competitive landscape, IPH delivers unparalleled insights that are both personalized and scalable to address your pipeline targets.

Helps Support the Work of Actuaries

IPH’s Neurology Dataset helps support the work of actuaries in tracking and maintaining healthy populations, and can minimize medical losses when used in concert with Clinical Advisor and its evidence-based analytics.

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