IPH Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships that Drive Value and Quality Across the Continuum of Care

Unparalleled Insights to Measurably Impact Patient Outcomes

IPH leverages a large, proprietary network of specialty healthcare providers to aggregate multi-domain, objective data that is GxP compliant—enabling enhanced, data-driven decision-making for adaptive strategic planning. From identifying unmet needs to surveying the competitive landscape, IPH works with our partners to deliver unparalleled insights that are both personalized and scalable to address your pipeline targets.

Cognitive Testing

IPH data includes the testing of multiple domains of cognitive function, including memory, attention, executive function, information processing, verbal ability, visual spatial ability, and more.

Visual Analysis

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) enables the measurement of the integrity of a patient’s optic nerves—a key marker of neurological health.

Gait Analysis

IPH’s clinical users reliably deliver data and measurements of gait or walking limitations—one of the most visible signs of neurological disease.

MRI Analytics

IPH delivers data from automatically interpreted images produced from MRI scans, using AI methods to determine white and gray matter volume changes, and microstructural damage.

Patient-Reported Outcomes

In addition to quantitative, measured data from devices and diagnostics, the IPH dataset includes patient-reported outcomes or PROs, gathered through a structured questionnaire.

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