About Us

Solving Real World Problems Around Patient Care

Enabling Enhanced, Data-Driven Decision-Making for Quality Patient Care

Innovative Precision Health (IPH) is the first healthcare analytics company to deliver multi-dimensional patient performance data and comparative efficacy metrics to optimize the continuum of care. IPH leverages a large, proprietary network of specialty healthcare providers to aggregate multi-domain, objective data that is GxP compliant—enabling enhanced, data-driven decision-making for pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, healthcare providers, CROs, academic researchers, and ACOs.

Multi-Functional Experts

Led by a diverse group of specialized medical professionals in unison with machine learning and AI experts, the IPH team brings intimate knowledge of disease states, patient care, pharmaceuticals, and the use of data to inform better decision-making.

Value-Driven Partnerships

From identifying unmet needs to understanding the competitive landscape, IPH works with our strategic partners to deliver unparalleled insights that are both personalized and scalable to address your pipeline targets.

IPH News and Events

Discover how IPH is leveraging machine learning to drive healthcare analytics in the market. See what the industry has to say about us, read our latest announcements, and explore our upcoming events.

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